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By Adam Lowry, CBM National Intern

A lot of times I like to give myself credit for all the things I do. In doing this, I tend to look down on others and sometimes discourage them. My pride gets mixed in with my Christian ways and soon God causes me to embarrass myself in some way. He does this to me to remind me that He allows me to use the gifts that I’m blessed with to serve others, and to humble myself by it. Here are two stories in the Bible that teach about humbleness.

While teaching one day, Jesus started talking about the Pharisees and describing how they acted. The behavior He describes is the opposite of humility—they do everything for show, they take the best seats, and wear the biggest tassels, and demand respect when they walk around. Jesus lived in the opposite way! He was born in a lowly barn, He put others before Himself, and He never bragged. Jesus tells His followers that, “Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others. If you put yourself above others, you will be put down. But if you humble yourself, you will be honored.” (Matthew 23:11-12 CEV)

There are several stories about King Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel, and the story in Daniel chapter 4 is a really powerful testimony about humility. In this story, Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that he doesn’t understand, so he asks Daniel to interpret it for him. Daniel tells him that, in the dream, King Nebuchadnezzar is the tree who is chopped down and made to live with wild animals. Daniel says the King will have to live this way for seven years, until he learns that God is in control of everything. Nebuchadnezzar was not a humble king! He was very proud of his kingdom and his palace. One day, Nebuchadnezzar was walking and surveying his kingdom and bragging about it, when all of a sudden he could no longer speak and had to go live with wild animals. He spent seven years away from his kingdom, just like in his dream. At the end of seven years, he praised God and knew that God was in charge. He wrote a letter to his people and said, “Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol the King of heaven, for all his works are right and his ways are just; and those who walk in pride he is able to humble.” (Daniel 4:37 ESV)

Two amazing stories about pride and humility! We can see in these stories how much God values a humble spirit. We all can pray and ask God to work in our heart and make us more humble.

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