How the Internship Taught Me to Trust God!

Written by Rainey Rowell

Dear Reader, my, name is Rainey Rowell, and you are about to read how the Children’s Bible Ministries Internship taught me to trust God. First, I will tell you how I got into CBM. I am from Rowland, North Carolina, it is about 10-15 minutes from one of CBM’s camps called Camp Grace. I have always wanted to be a missionary since I went on my first mission trip back in 2017, so my dad was doing the flooring at Camp Grace, and he got to talking to the director there and they told him about the internship then he came back and told me about it. It took me a while to do the application because I didn’t know if this was the step God wanted me to take so it took a lot of praying. It was the deadline for the applications and I still hadn’t turned mine in yet, the director told me not to bother since it was in fact the deadline, so I just thought it was my answer from God telling me not to do it until the next day the director told me to do the application because they needed me, so I turned it in and found out I needed to be in Tennessee the very next day. I was scared but excited I knew this was God telling me this is what I needed to do so I didn’t worry or hesitate. I packed up all my things and my parents drove me to Tennessee.  I stayed there training for four months, and I loved it but the last month was probably the hardest for me I think, I was getting ready for my first rotation and having to turn projects in and do classes just to get ready, but I knew I had to do it. But during the past few months my anxiety has grown more I think it is because I’m not at home with my family and I’m missing everything. I have learned that when I feel that way, I just have to spend some time with God and just talk it out with Him which really helps, I learned that prayer is a must in trusting God. He takes away all my worries and my homesickness, and I know that He knows what is right for me he always has. I have always trusted in Him, but this internship has made me trust Him even more with absolutely everything I see myself praying to Him way more than I had when I was at home. I have noticed a complete change in myself since I have started the internship. I went from this Lukewarm Christian to this completely Godfearing girl, who goes to God about everything. God really has become my best friend during the internship. I have also read my Bible more this year than I have in years, reading your Bible helps out a lot when you are trusting in God. You read all these stories about people who weren’t too sure about trusting in God and after they do their lives completely change for the better just because they put their lives in God’s hands and let him lead them. Since I have started the internship my trust in God has grown so much, I have always trusted Him ever since my mom passed and I was bounced around Christian foster homes. Life seems so much easier with God on my side. I love the verse in Proverbs that say, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” This verse helps me a lot when I am worried about something especially during the Internship, when I find myself questioning why I am here, or what God is doing in my life, why He has me doing all of this. But then this verse pops up in my head telling me just to trust Him, He knows exactly what He is doing. I know He has me and when I fall, He will be there to pick me up every time. As I sit here typing this blog I am sitting out here under the trees at Camp Gilead I can’t help but praise him as I type this out because I am writing about His amazing love and admiring his creation, and just thinking I wouldn’t be here at all if I didn’t completely trust in Him and giving Him my all. I can’t even picture my life without him in the middle of it all. This Internship has taught me a lot and it has been difficult, but I know this is what God wants for me and these amazing people in charge are helping me through everything I thought I was alone with. If this internship has taught me anything it has taught me not to give up, it has taught me that even though I am stressed and almost at the point of giving up and so close to going home. I know I can’t I know that this is something I have to do, I know I am doing the Lords work and he has big plans for me, that is when the trusting comes in I tell myself “ Rainey don’t give up keep going Gods got you even if no one else does.” I am one truly blessed girl, I have so much I don’t deserve, I have people who love me dearly and a God who hasn’t stopped working in my life, a God who won’t be stopped working my life even if I give up completely on myself. So, the internship has most definitely built my trust in the lord. I am working harder every day here and I thank God every chance I get for giving such awesome blessings and staying in my life even after all I have been through, I know I would have given up years ago, but my family and church wouldn’t let me, and I know for a fact God wouldn’t let me give up even though I have tried so many times. I give all my trust to the Lord always, He has me and I’ve got nothing to worry about and I encourage everyone who reads this I am a living breathing testimony who gave her whole heart and life to God and trust him with her whole heart.

Rainey is a part of the CBM Internship program, which exists to encourage young people to experience missions! To learn more about the CBM Internship program click HERE 

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