Free Children Bible Lessons- and a Red Neck Pillow Thingy

laptopAs we focus on the holidays, it is that time that reminds us about qualities like Thankfulness. That was the subject in the Released Time classes in Alabama. The newsletter wrote they were teaching the kids lessons on express gratitude to others and to God for the things they received. They shared the history of God’s rescue of the children of Israel for slavery in Egypt, and the crossing of the Red Sea. In one class one of the teachers asked what did God put in front of the Jews to lead them out of Egypt. One little boy correctly said that it was a pillar of cloud. When the teacher asked if anyone knew what a pillar was, one of the girls said it was a “Red Neck pillow thingy”. Kids will say the cutest things!

It says in Psalm 105:1 to give thanks unto the Lord; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. That is what CBM does. We make known his deeds. We share the Gospel message in many different ways.

Our area camp in Alabama, has free Bible Lessons that you can easily download. There are story lessons about thankfulness, patience, faith, courage etc. There are also Christmas stories lessons that will challenge kids to reflect. Go to: Camp Victory Storyline\storylinestories4u and explore these children bible stories.

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