Four Things to Remember

By CBM National interns, Scott and Jerri Carpenter

We have spent our first CBM National Internship rotation at Camp Ta-Pa-Win-Go doing released time with a very wonderful teacher! She gives the kids four things to remember: Bible, friends, lessons, and verses. Obviously, this is a way to encourage the kids to invite others to hear God’s word and to get them to understand it better themselves. We think this is something that every person should remember also, whether you are four or sixty-four.



We need to be in our Bible every single day so we can become more knowledgeable of God, as well as prepared to love the world. You never know who or what you might run into outside of your home or even in your home. It is better to love and understand God’s Word rather than run away from answering questions.

Not only do we desire to be able to answer questions for loved ones and friends, but there will be plenty of times when we will need to lean on them. Build your friends up and love on them. Friends can become best friends, husband or wife, brother/sister-in-law, accountability partner, and so much more. Friends are very precious and special.

Of course for Released Time, this means the campers should do their lessons and bring them in. However, for us it can mean something way different. Every day we learn a new lesson, maybe without even realizing it. It could be as small as “Hey, don’t touch the stove because it will burn you,” or as big as “Just because someone is different than you does not mean you shouldn’t show them godly love.” Cherish these lessons!

A verse from the Bible can be one of the most powerful things you own. Keeping them in your mind and on your heart is the best thing you can do for yourself and others. You might accidentally leave your Bible at home and the phone in your car, but you have someone sitting right in front of you asking to know more about our God! Being equipped with verses will put your mind at ease because you know you are ready and willing to share God’s word.

We are very happy to have had this wonderful experience and can’t wait to experience more! Just remember these four things: Bible, friends, lessons, and verses. There is no telling what wonderful places God can take you with these four things.



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