Dear Future CBM Intern

Written by Sarah Hardison

Dear Future CBM Intern,

This year is going to be one of the best and hardest years of your life. You will grow in your walk with the Lord, continually experience opportunities to be pushed out of your comfort zone, and make lifelong memories you will cherish forever. While you are a part of this internship you will hear things like “stretching your spiritual muscles,” “do it until it hurts and do it a little more,” and “developing good habits.” These are important and hard things that are a part of being an intern! As someone who was once an intern, please allow me to impart some “alumtern” wisdom, disciple you for a moment, and share with you some of the daily goals/habits I grew in during my time. 

#1: Spend daily time in the Word. No joke, you cannot make it through the internship on your strength alone! It is easy to do when you are in your four months of training at headquarters and have the daily accountability of your teammates and Intern Coordinator. However, when you get out on rotation, it won’t be as easy. Make it a daily goal to spend time in the Word of God. Not to just check it off your list but to grow in your walk with the Lord! 

#2 Drink water! Hydration is important. If you are feeling rough, ask yourself “When is the last time I drank some water?”

#3 Communicate. Communicate with your teammates, Intern Coordinator, rotation Director, anyone whom you have the opportunity to work alongside. Be honest in your communication.

#4 Spend time serving others. When you are feeling homesick (It does happen, even to the most seasoned intern.) or are frustrated with your teammates, find an opportunity to serve someone. This can be as simple as making coffee for your teammates, straightening the chairs on Elk Lodge porch, taking out the trash in the office without being asked, or writing an encouraging note to a staff member or teammate. 

#5 Journal. As interns you are given a journal to write in every week and it helps you with processing the week, keeping track of your goals, writing down how God is working in your life, etc. It is a helpful tool, use it.

#6 Be willing. In scripture it tells us “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matt. 26:41) In your flesh you will not want to do various tasks assigned to you; however, tell yourself “I am willing,” and watch how simply being willing will change your attitude.

#7 Take initiative! Your Intern Coordinator, rotation Director, and other leadership people LOVE when interns take initiative. It shows your willingness to serve and demonstrates you are diligent in everything you do.

#8 Be mindful of your heart attitude. As an intern, I was told frequently, “Out of the mouth the heart speaks.” (Matt. 12:34) This caused me to stop, reflect about my heart attitude, and how I was behaving. It gave me an opportunity to hold myself accountable and correct my actions or the words coming out of my mouth. Whether you know it or not, actions speak louder than words. 

#9 Take time to bond with your teammates. Your teammates are your family! You love them, you get irritated with them, you serve with them, and you grow with them. 

#10 Spend time getting to know Board members and CBM volunteers. They are not as intimidating as you think. They love the interns and are full of wisdom. I was absolutely terrified of the Board members and volunteers; however, after spending time talking with them, I was discipled many times and received some time honored wisdom.

#11 Learn all you can from your classes. Yes, there are a lot of classes you spend time in within the four months of training. It can be overwhelming. However, you have the amazing opportunity to sit under godly teaching and leadership. 

#12 Enjoy every moment as an intern. As I said in the beginning, this is going to be the best and hardest year of your life. Enjoy every moment, take time to appreciate the small things. You will look back on this year and reflect on how the Lord worked in your life and how you grew as a person. 

I hope this letter gives you encouragement and provides some helpful tips to assist you in being successful. There are many so many people praying for you, supporting you, and cheering you on as you experience this year-long life-changing journey!

Sincerely, Sarah Hardison

    Team 10


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