Christian Internship- The Importance of Fellowship

By CBM National interns, Scott & Jerri Carpenter –

The definition of fellowship is friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests. Awesome enough for us Christians is that we share the best thing in the world, our love of God! There are two things I like to think about when it comes to fellowship: who can fellowship and what is supposed to be a part of fellowship!


Who can fellowship: You can fellowship with one other person or sixty other people! That is what is great about it. Sometimes it is nice to just sit down and talk for hours with one person. You can also eat a meal, play games, and talk with twenty people at one gathering. These are some of the best times you can have. Fellowship can happen between a Christian and non-Christian, and hopefully this will be a ministering opportunity for the Christian. It is important for non-Christians to see how Christians fellowship with other Christians.


What is supposed to be a part of fellowship: Fellowship can be talking about each other’s life and how God has done so many wonderful things or whatever comes to mind. Silly jokes to deep theological thoughts! You can fellowship even by sitting together and watching a movie! The important part of fellowship is that you are spending time together.


Fellowship is very special. It makes new friendships and already existing friendships even stronger. I believe fellowship makes your relationship with God stronger. During this time, He gets to show you how amazing other people are, how to love each person, their characteristics, what makes them happy and sad, and so much more. Cherish these moments and be a part of them whenever you can! God gave us those important opportunities; use them!

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