CBM Intern – A Newbie at New Life Camp

By Kalaya Beyer, CBM National Intern –

Before I left CBM National Headquarters in Townsend, TN, I was happily informed that the first camp that I’d be working at would be here at New Life Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina! And I would be going with fellow intern Rebecca. I got here a little late due to flight difficulties, but I got here! I basically shadow the executive director, Trisha. I follow her around and learn about how the camp runs. And I ask everyone on staff, who are oh, so patient, a billion questions about everything, because I came here to learn all about camp life and how it runs—from the office work to the games to even the littlest stuff. I want to learn everything. The weather has been unbelievably cold since I’ve been here. I wear so many layers!

Since being here, God has been teaching me patience. I am quite loving, but I am not very patient, especially when I don’t know how to do something. It’s been humbling being thrown into a totally new environment, with new people and new things to learn, and being totally clueless over tasks that I would think would be easy. And they are easy, once I ask a billion questions. Thankfully, everyone here is so very helpful and patient. I have done a ton of organizing, from sports jerseys to camp t-shirts, and have spent a couple of days a week with reception, which has proven to be the most difficult task so far.

I am sad that I will only be here for a few more weeks, but excited to experience the most organized, and probably coolest, camp I could have been sent to learn from!

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