Bonds of Bitterness

In Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, Charles Swindoll poignantly expressed what happens when we’re held captive by the bonds of bitterness:

Bitterness seeps into the basement of our lives like

run-off from a broken sewer pipe. Every form of

ugliness begins to float to the surface of those murky

waters: prejudice and profanity, suspicion and hate,

cruelty and cynicism. There is no torment like the inner

torment of bitterness, which is the by-product of an

unforgiving spirit. It refuses to be soothed, it refuses

to be healed, it refuses to forget. There is no prison

more damaging than the bars of bitterness that will not

let the battle end.

Despite its evils, bitterness holds many of us captive. Forgiveness is the only escape route out of this prison.

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