Be that Light

By Sarah Pafford, CBM Alumtern –

I’ve recently been very drawn to the story of Jesus sending out the twelve apostles in Matthew chapter 10. Here we see Jesus tell these twelve men to leave everything in the pursuit to heal the sick and to drive out impure spirits, but with a few conditions. They are to take nothing with them and they are to focus solely on the lost sheep of Israel, not the Gentiles. These two conditions very much pricked my heart.

    1.“Go! But don’t take anything.”

We live in an environment where needs are often met without much concern of where the provision will come from. But what if God told you to leave all the comforts we’ve become accustomed to and fully rely on Him to provide through ways we might not expect? Imagine the level of faith these men had to trust that God would bless their obedience as they set forth with no money, no guarantee of lodging or food, and not even extra clothing. They were warned this wouldn’t be an easy task and they would encounter conflict, but they were working towards a much greater reward. I would have loved to witness their journey as they went forth in the power of the Lord to perform mighty things in His name! And to see how, time and time again, God provided for their every need.

  2. “Focus on the lost sheep of Israel.”

We also live in a time where traveling abroad is often coveted. If you ask any millennial what they want to do most, it’s travel. Although we are called to preach the Gospel to all nations, what about our own backyards? What about those in our own communities who have heard the Gospel and rejected it? What about those who have not been pursued by the Church? What about those living in a false sense of truth and buying into an empty world view? It can become easy to sensationalize traveling far away and reaching those who have never heard the Gospel. Although that is important, let us not forget our neighbors!


So now I ask you this: How are you serving the Lord right now? Are you waiting for some “Big” opportunity to come along? Or are you seeing abundant opportunities to serve the Lord in the seemingly mundane act of daily living? The lies the devil has whispered in my ear can be hard to ignore: “You’re not doing anything exciting enough.” “What kind of impact could you leave just by staying put?” “Just wait to do ministry until something more interesting happens.” “You’re not capable to serve beyond your comfort zone.”


Don’t wait to do ministry! I guarantee there are opportunities in your community where the love of Christ needs to shine. Don’t wait for someone else to do it, BE THAT LIGHT!

If you’re currently not pouring out to serve around you, then pray for the Lord to reveal the areas He desires to use you in. I believe He will answer, with enthusiasm, your desire for Him to use you, if only you’ll be willing to ask.

How can God use you and your talents to further His kingdom?
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