All You Need is Love

  • This can to us from Mark Redka at Children’s Bible Ministries SWPA. Here is some of the life stories that they hear from the Released Time kids.
  • ”My dad’s in jail. He went to pick up a package for my aunt, and didn’t know there were shotguns in them. They found cocaine too” New 3rd grader.
  • I pray to Jesus every night because my parents fight all the time. I think they are getting a divorce.” 2nd grader.


  • “That talkative boy’s mom died. I don’t think his dad pays him much attention.”


  • A tenth grade girl recently told me that she is pregnant. She has been in foster care for 11 years.


What do all of these kids have in common, other than attending Released Time classes?  They all need to be loved. God has placed them within our care to show HIS love to them. Our challenge is to introduce them to the One Who can give them love for eternity.  Believe me it’s not an easy task.  Satan daily bombards these kids with his message of living for today and he temporarily fills their void with pleasures of this world. It can be discouraging.

There are glimmers of hope. I had been sick one week and a high school boy told me that he was praying for me. Another high school student thanked me for teaching their Bible class.  Former students, now adults, often stop me to say hello. I can’t wait until heaven to see the fruit of our labors.

The one thing that I would love is for all of these kids to come to camp. That’s one place where we have a great opportunity to show God’s love. One girl in my class came last summer. She said that camp was way better than being at home. She is living with a relative since her mom doesn’t want her. We are grateful for all of you who enable us to share God’s love with those who so desperately need it. Visit for more information.

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