A Tiny Micro-Organism Can Stop the World!

Written by Scott Brinson, presented in his newsletter dated September 2001


I believe the lesson Jesus would have us learn whenever we’re confronted with unexpected and often unexplainable events that cause us to hurt and to grieve and to ask why, is this: Rather than focusing on the circumstances themselves and speculating about what may have caused them or what could have been done to prevent them, realize that God is far more interested in our response to the situation than in our understanding the reasons for it.  His desire is for us to say, “Father, what would You have ME to do?  How do You want me to change as a result of this?  How do You want me to respond in light of what I’ve seen or heard or read about or experienced?  

The question is, what does God want to say to me in light of the uncertainty and fragility of this life?  

How would He have me repent?  

What areas of my life need changing today while I still have a today? 

The truth is we simply don’t know what tomorrow holds for us, or if we will even have a tomorrow in this life.  The time to repent, the time to do what we know we ought to do, and probably should have done a long time ago, is now.  The time to say, “I love you,” is now; the time to say, “I’m sorry,” is now; the time to forgive is now; the time to share Christ with our unsaved neighbor or co-worker or family member is now; the time to invest ourselves in something of eternal significance is now.  2 Cor. 6:2 says, “Now is the acceptable time…” Now is the time to respond to God’s prompting to repent, to confess, to give, to serve, to love, to make a difference in someone’s life today as well as for eternity.  Tomorrow may be too late.  


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