A Lesson in Grace

By Matt Mashburn, CBM Intern –

In the busy life of a summer camp, the “work day” never really ends. I’ve heard camp referred to as a “fish bowl” and I continue to wholeheartedly agree with that statement each day. Every action or emotion displayed is noticed by someone, somewhere. Rarely, if ever, does something actually go unnoticed at camp. There’s no time for pretending at camp because you’ll soon be exposed for who you really are. No one can wear a mask 24/7, so camping ministry does a good job of revealing who people really are beneath the surface.

I’ve discovered more about myself while at camp. This main thing that I’ve noticed may seem obvious but, for me, it seemed to be a personal blind spot. I was so ambitious to do a good job that I forgot a very important thing — I can’t be perfect. While that may sound silly, perfection was my goal. It didn’t take long to fall short of that goal but even so — I learned something from my failures that I hadn’t expected to.

God is pleased to show His grace through His people. Just as He opted to work through the faithful Moses to bring the Hebrew people liberty, so long ago, or to part a sea for them, He often seems to prefer working through His obedient children. I saw that, in the wake of my failures, God was ready to work through so many of His obedient followers to show me what grace meant on the ground level. Whether I hurt someone, or made an offensive comment that deserved an apology, I was always surrounded by people who were readily available to help set me on track and teach me what it meant to turn from my mistake. While it’s true that camp is a “fish bowl,” it is also true that it is a great place for God to reveal Himself through those who are faithful to Him.

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