Summer Ideas for Kids-Why not Summer Camp?



Summer time is a- comin’. Pretty soon the kids will be out of school and looking forward to a great summer of fun, sun and friends.


Have you thought about CBM summer camp?  There is still time. There is so much fun stuff to do.

Your kids will make friends that could last a lifetime. They have the opportunity to make the greatest friend in the whole world, Jesus.

In this series, we’ll show you that CBM camps are great way for your kids to personally grow and have fun at the same time.


Tip #1. Make New Friends

Don’t we all want friends? Yes, we all want friends who are there for us, friends who we can trust, friends who build you up. So do our kids. That is why CBM camps are so important. Camp is a great time to make new friendships. In an atmosphere of God’s love, kids learn to respect and be nice to each other while making friends.

Our camp councilors are trained to help create an environment where kids feel comfortable sharing their hearts with others.

Now you can see that CBM camps are a good place for your children to be.

Bonus: View the whole simple slideshow at

Also kids you can use this to show your parents all the benefits of going to a CBM camp.

Hurry, so you can have the best summer ever!

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