Rotations are designed to give each intern hands-on experience in ministry. Interns will experience camping ministry from the inside out as they intern at 2 different CBM locations for 2 months a piece. 
CBM National will determine which camp is best-suited to fulfill each particular intern’s current needs for development, based upon that camp’s strongest ministries. The selected camp will focus on training interns in a particular area of ministry, based on specific learning objectives. Therefore, each intern rotation will vary according to the goals of the intern and the needs of the camp. They can include experience like: programming for Summer Camp, teaching for Released Time, office work, serving guest groups, helping run events or fundraisers, etc….
“One of the greatest things about the internship is that we have the opportunity to see how camp ministry works when they’re not doing summer camp. Now, when I decide if God is calling me into camp ministry, I will know what camp life looks like from August to May.”-Ryanne Stout (Team 1)

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