Lift Others Up

We live in an exciting time in history. Why do I say that? Because we have the capability to reach more people than ever through the internet.  With social media, we can encourage other Christians any time we want. We can post statements about the Lord that can be shared with thousands of people with one press of a button.

At first I did not embrace this idea. I felt  overwhelmed with the idea of having  “one more thing to do”. I was stressed out already with all the other commitments, chores, and obligations that I have in my life.  So now, I have to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, etc. I felt like an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

Then I started to see that these social networks are not things, but people. I started to see that it was an opportunity to share the Gospel.  This mind set change has taken the burden off and instead replaced it with a sense of purpose. It is a joy to be a blessing to others.

Let’s face it, this is the new way of communicating.  Our youth have embraced it and it is not going to change. So, be willing to venture out and learn the new tools.  Send us your encouraging messages of God’s love.

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