His Hands and Feet: Guatemala Mission Trip Update

Jacquelyn Davis, National Intern Coordinator

This year our team had the great opportunity to serve in Jalapa, Guatemala with Little Lambs International. While we were there we got to go into the villages and pray with families, share our testimonies at a local church, love on the orphans at Little Lambs and run a 3-day VBS for the those in the area. 

The theme I saw this year was God’s great love and grace; that our God would allow us to be His hands and His feet is simply beautiful and overwhelming. This team was so diverse in so many ways and yet, together, we were and are the body of Christ. He is our great unifier! Despite all our differences, we came together under the same banner and, through His strength, we served those in Guatemala. Thank you to all those who prayed for our team and helped us get to Guatemala this year!

Wesley Grizzard, Team 9

I thoroughly enjoy overseas missions. Growing up, I read all the books about missionaries and always loved the idea of it. So it is no surprise that I loved Guatemala and doing missions there. I loved being able to work at an orphanage. I absolutely love kids, so that was such a blessing to be a part of! I love stepping out and having to do things that I’ve never done before; teaching the kids at VBS through a translator was a new experience and I loved it! Just being able to interact with another people and culture was amazing and I can’t wait till I can do it again! 

Myles Morrison, Team 10

I was not expecting to go to Guatemala, or even going to an orphanage, at all during my internship. It’s really cool to see what God does in your life that you don’t expect, and how He makes it so great. I really enjoyed spending time with the orphans by goofing off with them, building lego spaceships, and teaching them how to do a snap handshake. When the team and I were not with the orphans, we went to villages and a few schools in the area. I always enjoy being surrounded by a different culture/community and to experience how they live. They are so happy, even with the little amount of living space and possessions they have. Overall, from that experience, whenever we asked how we can pray for them, they all said the same thing: Family. Always thinking of others before yourself. 

Dennis Farris, Team 9

Guatemala was definitely an amazing opportunity to grow and serve for God.  Originally, when we were told we were going to Guatemala, I was not excited for the trip.  Even up to the time we got on the plane, I didn’t want to go. But I understood that this was where God wanted me and that, just as for the rest of the team, God has a purpose and reason for me being there.  Seeing the kids all enjoy having us there, seeing and hearing the reactions to what God said through me and my testimony, and being able to present the Gospel to hundreds of people really opened me up to what God wanted to do through me and in me. God has once more strengthened me to be able to speak publicly, even in front of over a hundred people, and has taught me even more so, that I can trust and depend on Him in all things!

Sarah Hardison, Team 10

This missions trip was unique in many ways. It was a humbling and life changing experience I will not soon forget. It impacted me in several ways. I was humbled to see the Guatemalans and their lifestyles. There is no middle class; it’s either city dwelling or living in a clay house in the country. The people that had the least were the most hospitable people I had met. They welcomed us into their homes and enjoyed spending time with us. At one house, a lady gave Jamie a piece of fruit as we left. I’m sure it was one of the few things she had but she shared it with us. Another part of the trip that had an effect on me was spending time with the special needs children in the orphanage. Sure, spending time with all the kids was exciting. However, spending time with these particular children was very meaningful to me. I cannot put it into words but it forever changed my heart. Overall, the trip was impactful on my life. There were some challenges while in Guatemala, but God was bigger than the problems and I grew in many ways because of it.

Katlyn Carney, Team 9 [Katlyn did not go to Guatemala with the rest of the team due to health issues she’s been dealing with this summer.]

Not going on the mission trip was one of the hardest trials I’ve had to face. At first I didn’t think much of it but, the closer and closer it got, the harder it was. I wrestled back and forth with whether or not I made the wisest decision. I was praying about it and seeking godly counsel but was that enough? If I didn’t go, was I living for myself? If I went, was I treating my body as God’s temple? Am I letting my team down if I don’t go? Will they understand? We have been raising money together, praying together, and communicating about this trip for a whole year, and now I’m just going to stop. After I had officially decided not to go, I had so much peace about the decision. I was able to tell others and it gave me opportunities to share about what God was teaching me and doing in my life. However, I was searching for what my purpose would be. Two weeks before they left for Guatemala, we went to help CBM of Maryland’s camp. It was so fun being back with the team, sharing about our summer rotations, and building unity. But then the hesitation set back in. I was filled with all kinds of emotions about not being able to go because of the unity that was already being built in Maryland, and I knew it was going to get even more difficult as I helped them prepare to leave. One morning, during our prayer time, the day we discussed how everything in Guatemala was going to work, I asked the team to pray that God will show me what purpose He had for me in staying. During our meeting, about an hour later, we were discussing the schedule and talking about social media. Jacquelyn said that, since I was staying here and knew the schedule, I could do daily posts asking for prayer requests and telling everyone what we would be doing that day. Jamie said, “What a great purpose!” Jamie wasn’t even in our prayer time that morning to hear that was what I was praying about. That’s when I knew God had something huge planned. God continued to show me throughout that week that my purpose was to humble myself and pray. Instead of struggling with not being able to watch the kids put together the crafts I was bagging up, I focused on praying for each of the kids that was going to put together the craft. While being here, I was able to take more time to intentionally pray for each person on the team and what they would be doing. It was difficult not being able to go, but I think I stepped out of my emotional comfort zone more because I couldn’t go than if I did. Going would have been easy, at least emotionally easy. But, because I didn’t go, I have a deeper trust in God and His plans.

Josiah Zannino, Team 10

The mission trip went really well and, yes, I loved it and it was good experience to go overseas to serve and do VBS; to tell kids about the truth of God and to play games with them, sing songs, do crafts, and really get to know them. To show them that God truly loves them, even if they’re broken people or have had a wicked past. And that God can forgive, that we’re His children, and that He still truly loves us. The trip went really well. Thanks for supporting me so I could have this beautiful experience to serve God. Also, I noticed this year that God can use broken people, even if we still struggle with some of our sins. 

Billy Long, Team 9

It was such an awesome blessing to serve in Guatemala this week! It was so much fun hanging out with the Little Lambs and VBS was great. By far, my favorite experience was building LEGO sets with some of the boys at the orphanage. It was amazing to share God’s love with these boys while playing with them and building a spaceship. It made you forget you didn’t speak the same language.

Chelsea Mills, Team 10

One word for the Guatemala trip: WOW! The people were so loving and welcoming, even though they had barely anything. They would give you the clothes off their back, if needed. It was so cool to see. Also, the kids at the orphanage were adorable! Spending time with them was so much fun. I miss them so much!

Thank you for your support through prayers and financial gifts! You are a part of our team, part of being the hands and feet of Christ to all those we came in contact with. Thank you!

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