Changing Lives Through Christian Camping


As I was reading the monthly newsletter from our Camp Victory in Samson, AL, This part stood out to me.
It talks about our words and actions are as seeds that we plant in other lives.

The other day the phone rang and I rushed to answer it. The voice identifies himself. Oh my, the memories that raced back! Approximately 30 years ago he was a camper that I took many times to camp, winter and summer. I had not seen nor heard from him since that time. He is part of a church plant in Georgia. He just wanted to call and say “Thank you” for helping him. I had led him to Christ all those years ago. I planted and watered the seed of God’s Word and God gave the increase! Praise be to Him!

What kind of seeds are you planting into others?  Are you apart of changing someone’s life for eternity?  Bible camps can be that perfect environment to show youth the love of Christ. It is also a  time to build relationships, relationships that will last for eternity.
Camp Victory exists to help young people experience the victory that comes from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and walking with Him.  We do this by working alongside local churches in providing opportunities for Christian camping, Bible classes for local schools and Bible correspondence lessons.

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