CBM Camping- The Final C in Three C’s

To recap, CBM desires to reach elementary boys and girls and then minister to them through adulthood. We accomplish our goals by means of classes, correspondence lessons and camps.

Our camps are the next opportunity that we have to minister to children. It’s a time for kids to have fun. Each camp has its own set of activities such as, horseback riding, archery, water sports, zip lines, all the things that kids love to do.

That is the secret; camp is the place that kids want to go. It’s a time when kids can just be kids and enjoy life. It is also a time when they can experience the mentorship of Christian counselors in a safe environment. In this environment they can feel comfortable sharing their inner thoughts and where they can let the Lord do His work in their hearts.

You can find out more about the different camps by visiting our Camps/Areas link.

To sum it up; we want to reach children through Released Time classes, after school Bible clubs and home school programs. We want to win them with Bible correspondence lessons, telephone ministry and camping. Then we want to send them back to Bible believing churches to worship and be disciples, private or public schools to be wholesome, to saved or unsaved parents to be winsome and finally we want to send them to the workplace to be a witness for Christ.

It is better to mold boys and girls than to mend men and women. We want to win them while they are young so they will be spared the tragedies of sin and freed to serve God with their entire lives.

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