An Invisible Work–Wait on the Lord

treeFaith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews  11:1

Trees have specific seasons for dormancy- a time when the tree appears to be inactive and not growing.  This season of rest comes immediately prior to a season of rapid and accelerated growth. During dormancy, the cells and tissues within the tree are being repaired and built up. This activity is invisible to the eye. The tree is quietly preparing for the spring.

Dormancy is one of the most important periods in the life cycle of the tree. It is how a tree becomes fit for the later demands of adding new wood to its structure and bearing its fruit.

The benefits of dormancy apply to people too.  There is a mistaken notion that to be effective we must always be active. But people also have seasons in their lives when God is preparing them for what lies ahead.

Not knowing the future ourselves, we often have to come to a deep trust in God during times when nothing seems to be happening in our lives. Inactivity must not be equated with non productivity –God is at work behind the scenes.

It takes patience and humility to get through a time of dormancy. Most of us desire to be productive at all times so we can “get ahead” in our lives. We need to recognize there are times when, unbeknown to us, God has to work in our hearts to prepare us for our destiny.

We need to humble ourselves before Him and realize we didn’t create ourselves. We can’t know fully what it is we will need in the future. Dormant times call for us to wait on the Lord and trust Him to do His work in our hearts.  We can rest assured He is preparing us for something great, in His timing and according to His purpose.

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